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Captain Tom 100 Fundraiser

It takes a special kid of person to unite an entire country but back when we were in some of the most difficult days of the pandemic a single man inspired a nation. We are speaking of none other than Captain Sir Tom Moore, a man who took the simple idea of walking 100 laps of his garden and turned it in to £33,000,000 (thirty-three million pounds) for the NHS. 

On what would have been Captain Tom’s 101st Birthday, Friday 30th April, a new challenge has arisen and this time it involves all of us. The “Captain Tom 100” invites everyone to take on a challenge around the number 100 and complete this over Captain Tom’s birthday weekend of Friday 30th April to Monday 3rd May. Not only do we honour the memory of an incredible man, but we all get to do our part for our chosen charities, all of which have suffered to some extent over the previous year.

So what, I hear you ask, is the challenge Billiedoo is undertaking? How about 100 handmade and hand crafted hearts in less than 48 hours? Challenge accepted! That’s right, 100 hearts, 48 hours and all profits to charity! 

Captain Tom 100
Captain Tom Heart Held

Our chosen charity is the Scottish Mountain Rescue (SMR).  Being a keen hill-walker since my teenage years and having climbed 54 Munros to date, SMR holds a special place in my heart for all the tireless work they consistently undertake and on a completely voluntary basis! Because of this amazing group of people, I can roam the beautiful country of Scotland with the full knowledge that should the worse happen a team of well-trained and courageous people will do everything in their power to get me home safely.

Each of these 100 hearts will be handmade with a unique design and each will feature Captain Sir Tom’s now iconic saying, ‘Tomorrow will be a good day’.  With costs sitting at around £1.80 per heart, I am hopeful that I can donate just under £5.00 per heart to SMR.  By buying one of these lovely, uplifting hearts, not only will you get a beautiful, Scottish handmade heart, but you will be doing your part for a wonderful charity. 

These hand crafted hearts will be limited to 100 in keeping with the Captain Tom 100 challenge. We will place them on sale from the morning of the 30th April and once they are gone, they are gone!

Captain Tom 100 Fundraiser Heart

All profits will be donated to Scottish Mountain Rescue, a charity very close to my own heart.