Billiedoo – beautiful, handmade, personalised heart shaped gifts for you. A scottish twist on a French classic.

Years ago, I wanted to buy a welcome sign for our home and just couldn’t find what I wanted.  So I made one.  I choose a heart shape for ‘love’, then painted it, sanded it, wrote on it, drew on it, varnished it, finished it with twine and ribbon and hung it up.

Friends saw what I’d done and started for asking for hearts – hearts for the home, weddings, birthdays, new babies, anniversaries, you name it!  Seeing how much people liked what I’d made for them, I took a deep breath and took my hearts ‘out there’ to a large Christmas craft fair and haven’t looked back since.

I’ve now been making hearts for 8 years and have sent them all over the world.  All kinds of messages for all kinds of occasions with every heart packaged in an envelope, a love letter for someone special.

 I love what I do and hope you do to.  With love for you, by Billiedoo.