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Handcrafted Glycerin and Goat’s Milk Vanilla and Anise Soap by Smelleez

Luxury handcrafted soap bar made with vegetable glycerin and added goats’ milk to cleanse gently yet deeply.

A unexpected and modern take on vanilla.⁠ The delicate scent of the fragile vanilla orchid is blended with spicy star anise and the warmth of vetiver, amber and clove over oaky and caramel-rich vanilla bourbon.⁠

Warm, enveloping & very sophisticated!

Wrapped in compostable paper. (100g)



We are delighted to be stocking these handcrafted vegetable glycerin soap bars made in small batches in rural Perthshire, Scotland by 11 year old Amelia Milton.

Alongside some of the more standard and recognisable soaps scents used, Amelia has injected a sense of fun into her ranges which are sure to appeal to younger buyers.

Smelleez was first started by Amelia at the age of seven in November 2017. Since then, she’s gone on to create a range of amazing soaps catering for all tastes (and ages!). Amelia’s soaps are handmade in small batches in rural Perthshire, Scotland. None of her products have been tested on animals – and never will be!

Glycerin soaps are considered to be one of the most moisturizing types of soap. Glycerin is a vegetable-derived humectant which attracts moisture from the air to your skin and keeps it locked in. Unlike some soaps that dry your skin out and make it feel tight and even flaky, glycerin soap keeps your skin feeling more hydrated for several hours after you use it.

The soap bases contain 100% RSPO certified sustainable Palm and Palm Kernel Oil which is derived from the sustainable farms in Papua New Guinea that have been developed without any large-illegal destruction and de-forestation of rainforest.

With incredible fragrances and skin-softening ingredients like olive oil they’re effective, great for your skin, and great for the environment, too. Why not give them a try?

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Weight110 g
Dimensions80 × 55 × 23 mm

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