Business needs Busyness

When I first started Billiedoo back in 2010, I had no real idea how or if it would grow into a business. While I knew the idea had promise, I had no experience in product development, marketing or business development. Additionally, with 2 children under 4 years old at home, there was little time to spend on anything other than making the product.

Fast forward 10 years to 2020. Billiedoo did indeed become a business, pretty much a full-time one at that. My initial worries that it would only last a few years at best, proved to be unfounded. The more people understood my products and process, they more they ordered. Handwritten gifts, completely personalised for the special people in their lives at their most special times.

And now? Now my business has become busyness… Product making has paused. I have time to reflect, plan, learn (hence my first ever blog!) and really consider the essence of my business. Yes, commercial activity may have paused but in its place, I am full of activity.

Quietly readying for the next 10 years.

Garden bee busy gathering pollen from apple blossom.
Full of busyness…